The Via Francigena Day 2: A Typical Day

The Via Francigena Day 2: A Typical Day

Jun 1, 2022 | All Blog Posts, Via Francigena | 0 comments

The day started with breakfast with the abbot at the Abbey of Saint Maurice. I mean, a private breakfast, how cool is that? We shared stories, asked each other a lot of questions with a few language limitations. He tried to talk politics, we steered the conversation away and he left it alone. We received a blessing and we were on our way. Ok, so that’s not your typical day. Haha

The abbot on the far right and the priest who served us breakfast

A typical day to us means manageable walking, no injury, tolerable weather, hand washing our clothes, and positive attitudes. We had them all today except the washing machine which is a rare gem to find. Oh, and I finally got a good night’s sleep. I’m hoping for two nights in a row of good sleep. Let’s pray!

Today’s walk had a bit of uphill but only to mentally prepare us for what’s to come. We don’t have any injury – yet – but unfortunately I have a bit of shin splint pain. I am working through all of my prevention techniques, please hope it helps. We have a huge mountain pass to get through. We had all of the “Camino classics today” from the sound of cowbells in a pasture of sheep, adorable villages, waterfalls, water fountains of plenty, and a bit of rain. Make sure you are following our YouTube channel for a full video and TikTok for small 1-2 minute clips of the day.

All of the gear gets tested today from camera gear, rain coats, and our umbrellas that only weigh 6.8 ounces! Check out their website

Look – we have all of our gear! Our umbrellas, hiking sticks, and pocket knives arrived by airport courier at midnight last night. Thank goodness Brian was able to wake up to receive the call that the courier was outside of the abbey otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten the package.

I love the animals we see along the way. Today we had llamas, horses, sheep, and lambs who were so tiny! But today was extra special because we saw the St. Bernard dogs. These dogs were rescue dogs only a short time ago and now they are part of a foundation working as therapy dogs. I have been looking forward to today for awhile!

One of the dozen St. Bernard therapy dogs we met at Barry Land, more on our YouTube channel

To take things easy on my shins we just went to Barry Land and then the grocery store for a bit of food to eat in our room tonight. It’s only 8:30 p.m. but I am sure I will be asleep soon. The mountains all around us are quite intimidating and we both need our strength.

Tonight’s dinner thanks to the grocery store across the street from our hotel

It’s nice to have such a typical day because it gives a good memory for when we’re having a bad day. We know they’re coming, but that’s like life. Good days vs. bad days is all a matter of mindset. I focus on the typical so when it’s atypical can keep the day in perspective.

Check out the YouTube video!

Stats from today:

  • Walked from Saint-Maurice to Martigny – 17 km
  • Lodging – Hotel Du Stand 74.50 franks
  • Barry Land Tour – 16 franks


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