Recipe of the Week – Hot Beef Dip Appetizer

Recipe of the Week – Hot Beef Dip Appetizer

Dec 31, 2018 | All Blog Posts, Recipes | 0 comments

When we’re home for New Year’s Eve, which isn’t often, we love to serve a buffet of appetizers. Gluten-free crab rangoon, chicken wings, a good charcuterie board like this one from Self Proclaimed Foodie, and shrimp coctail will make any occasion a special event. One of our favorites is an old microwave classic, hot beef dip. The quantities below are a doubled version of the recipe so there is plenty for a crowd. The recipe at the bottom is the regular version.

Begin with a large bottle of dried beef. Dice the meat into small pieces about a quarter inch square and place it into a microwave safe bowl. Cover with water and microwave for about two minutes and let it sit until ready to use.

In another microwave safe bowl, combine a half cup each of diced green onion, greek yogurt (or sour cream), and mayonaise. Add one cup of parmesan cheese, two tablespoons of diced parsley, and two 8-ounce blocks of cream cheese (we always use the reduced fat Neufchatel). Mix everything together until well combined and cook in the microwave for about two minutes.

While the cheese mixture is heating, drain the water off of the beef and squeeze off any excess water. Mix the beef into the cheese mixture and cook another one to two minutes until everything is heated through and bubbly. Serve with gluten free crackers.

What are your favorite appetizers to serve for a party or gathering of friends (or maybe just a special treat dinner night)? Leave us a comment below to let us know. Don’t forget to hit subscribe to get notifications sop that you don’t miss a single post!


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