Our 2019 Camino Videos: It’s a Wrap! What’s next?

Our 2019 Camino Videos: It’s a Wrap! What’s next?

Oct 23, 2019 | All Blog Posts, Camino de Santiago | 0 comments

It has been wonderful to extend our 2019 Camino into the fall season as we wrap up the editing and posting of our Camino YouTube videos. In preparation for this wrap-up blog, I re-watched all of our Camino videos – what a treat, re-living the ups, downs, the culture, and the sheer joy of our shared experiences. Today I am going to tell you about my favorite videos from the trip and let you know what is coming next for us.

Of all the videos we created from our Camino, my number 1 favorite video is reflecting on our Camino Frances and entering Santiago. It’s a long video, but I love it because it’s raw, in the moment, emotion. We don’t have too many moments like this but I hit a low point right before entering Santiago.


I’d suffered serious anxiety that plagued me for the rest of our time in Europe. We thought it was just about my foot but later concluded it also had to do with eating gluten. I don’t normally eat gluten because I suffer severe digestive problems. However, over there I wasn’t having any of my typical problems so we didn’t know it was an issue. I was having a lot of inflammation issues which should have been a sign but I attributed it to the wine, the walking, and not enough water. I should have taken a break from gluten to see the difference, but alas, hindsight is a great teacher. Once the gluten was completely out of my system, about 10 days after we got home, the anxiety stopped too. Lessons learned.

My second favorite video was our walk from Astorga to Villafranca del Bierzo. I love this video because it’s classic, iconic, all you want from the Camino, and just all-around “this is the Camino” video.


At this point, we had not hit any lows, actually, we were on the biggest high of the entire Camino. We were on a high metaphorically and hit our highest evaluation point. We may look tired in our videos but we were re-living moments from our 2017 Camino, developing fantastic relationships, working extremely hard, capturing amazing views to memory, and having a ton of fun!

My next favorite video was on our Camino Portuguese. We had settled into a new rhythm of riding bikes vs. walking. We were embracing “holiday” time, less work and more play. We also experienced a festival that only happens once every four years.


If you want to know about the Festival of Trays, here’s a link: http://www.centerofportugal.com/events/trays-festival/. There was something wonderfully authentic about this festival and the village of Tomar. We highly recommend everyone visit Tomar, even when the festival is not happening.

My final video in my top favorites is the video in Finisterre. The end of the Camino. We love this village! It has a bit of a bohemian vibe, a 2.5 kilometer wide beach, and a perfect way to end our Camino.


There is one more video coming out which will cover a little more Porto and our final 48 hours in Lisbon as we wrap up our tourist time and make our final purchases before heading back to the states. We are still processing our takeaways from our Camino 2019. We blogged about what we have learned thus far, you can find that blog by clicking here.

What is next for the Colemans?

We are still discovering the medium we enjoy most to share our journey with all of you, blogging, YouTubing, or a combination called vlogging. We have a lot of videos to share as we have been making renovations to our travel trailer. We are going to attempt more vlogging which we interpret as a combination of video and blog and the subjects coming up will include RV’ing and hiking.

If there is something you have enjoyed from our videos and/or our blogs, please comment below and tell us about it. If there is something you want to hear more about, let us know that too. Blogging/vlogging is a journey we have been on for just over a year and we are still finessing and fine-tuning the direction our channel is taking but your feedback means a lot to us. What we love most of all is connecting with all of you – so don’t be shy!



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