Camino del Norte | Irún to San Sebastián, Spain | Day 1

Camino del Norte | Irún to San Sebastián, Spain | Day 1

Jun 10, 2024 | All Blog Posts, Camino del Norte | 0 comments

Have you ever gone on a walk or hike for views but been disappointed? This almost happened to us during our walk from Irún, Spain to San Sebastián. But when I’m on the Camino, nothing can kill my mood.

Views from day 1 leaving Irún

We usually prefer not to cover a lot of ground on the first day of the Camino, as it’s important to pace ourselves since we have 36 more days of walking ahead. However, we walked 14.5 miles for two reasons. First, we didn’t experience jet lag as we had already been in Europe for a week. Second, we knew we were going to have a rest day in San Sebastián, which is what we’re doing now as I lay here typing this blog. As much as I enjoy our adventures, I also love a good rest day with zero miles walked. 🥰

The weather tried hard to kill my mood yesterday. We decided to take the high road which was much steeper but the payoff was supposed to be the views. And we did have some amazing views…until the fog, wind, rain, and for a short time, hail moved in. Oh my gosh, we couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us. 

The fog before it rolled in even more

This happened to us in 2017 on the Camino Francés where the fog rolled in terribly as we climbed the Pyrenees hoping for views. It happens. We can’t let it get us down, we’re going to have plenty of days with amazing views. 

But what we did see was breathtaking! From the sea to the mountains, then there were horses, colts, cows, and of course wildflowers! 

An easy part of the trail

“They” say the Camino doesn’t give you what you want, rather it gives you what you need. I didn’t need the rain and hail but what it forced me to do was focus on my feet and I did need to watch every step because the terrain was treacherous. The trail was rocky and muddy, fortunately, it wasn’t too slippery but if I hadn’t been watching my step, I’d be dealing with another head injury (read more about that here).

Dinner (with gluten free bread) and Netflix

We made it to San Sebastián tired and sore. It was 6 pm before we got into our room! For reference, we like to arrive at our hotel by 1-2 pm to shower and grab lunch before siesta. Instead, we stopped at a market for this delicious spread. It was our version of “Netflix and chill” and we never left the room. We were exhausted!

The Village of Pasaia Gipuzkoa before the ferry ride

It’s a new day and we are in beautiful San Sebastián so it’s time to explore. Bye for now! 

If you haven’t had enough and you want to see our walk, check out our video from today’s walk.

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