Ohio Camino Day 7, The Final Day

Apr 1, 2022 | All Blog Posts, Hiking Adventures | 0 comments

As I sit in our hotel in Newport, Kentucky overlooking the Ohio River, I can’t believe we just accomplished this goal. I knew we were able but until you do something like this you just don’t know how it will go.

I’m thankful to be warm. The crazy part is I am confident we will complain about it being too hot at some point this summer. We’ll probably complain more than once. We don’t like to complain. It’s just the nature of weather, right? It’s typically either too hot or too cold. It tugs at my positive personality to complain, but alas, sometimes Mother Nature really pushes back to make me more realistic.

In today’s YouTube video we talk about our takeaways from our 7 day adventure walking the Little Miami Scenic Trail from Springfield, Ohio to Newport, Kentucky.

Today we walked on the Ohio to Erie trail through downtown Cincinnati. We walked through some stunning neighborhoods, walking past homes we can never afford, and over the 150 year old Purple People Bridge to Newport on the Levee.

Thank you for following our adventure. Today’s mileage was 10 miles on the nose for a total of 70.3 miles of walking and 15 miles of trail magic via friends and ride share.


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