Ohio Camino Day 2

Mar 27, 2022 | All Blog Posts, Hiking Adventures | 0 comments

The sun teased us a few times today but the cold air never gave us a break. I hate trusting a forecast only to be disappointed by it.

The 2nd day of walking is always harder. Momentum doesn’t come as easy as the first days adrenaline rush. The aches and pains start to kick in. The “what were we thinking when we planned something like this in an Ohio Spring” thoughts flow in and out of our minds all day.

Then there are the lack of views or distractions for the mind to toss around. Today we completed the stretch between Yellow Springs and Xenia on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. It’s an easy walk, thank goodness, but don’t walk it for the views. Haha

We know how to hike in cold weather. We actually love hiking in the cold. We actually lead a hiking challenge over the winter months. This weeks challenge with the cold is two-fold. First, the forecast didn’t say it was going to be this cold. Have I mentioned that? Grrr…. Second, the wind was not supposed to be this intense. I’m trying not to complain, we are blessed to be able to do this, it’s just hard to be cold. Maybe the last two years have made us weak. Haha

Tonight we are lucky enough to have free lodging. Our host is a fellow member of our Dayton Hikers group. The generosity of others makes this feel even more like a Camino and that is the best feeling ever.

For as many years as we have walked/biked this trail, we’ve never stopped at Nick’s Restaurant on the north side of Xenia. It’s right on the trail and in the summer their outdoor patio taunts us. Today we stopped and they did not disappoint our empty stomachs. Try the spin dip!

Tonight, we shared hiking stories with our host. We piddled away at documenting memories to the blog and YouTube. The YouTube video (linked below) includes a segment on our gear. My backpack is a Gregory Jade 38L, Brian’s is an Osprey 48L. We share with you what we carry in our packs so look for that video on our YouTube channel.

The goal of this adventure is to be more prepared for our walk on the Via Francigena. I know we are already one step closer to that goal as we’ve learned so much already. Who knows where the next 6 days will take us but we excited to share with you.

Focusing on one day at a day, I know this: We need to stretch – a lot – before we go to sleep. Tomorrow we will rise again. We will pray for more sunshine and less wind. We pray you enjoy following along. Please lift some love up for us, we appreciate it.

Totals for today: 9.54 miles; $118.38 for meals, lodging is free. 🙌🏼


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