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For some reason, we have been really nervous to start a YouTube channel. I think that watching our favorite vloggers such as Keep Your Daydream, Less Junk More Journey, and Gone With the Wynns has created some pressure that was just overwhelming. We tried shooting a video back over the summer but never pulled the trigger to upload it because we just weren’t happy with the content. I think it’s also about making sure we have the time to dedicate to a good YouTube channel. I don’t know if we have found the time, but we certainly have the motivation to record our adventures.

This week in the Smoky Mountains we bit the bullet, we have two videos up so far and hope to put out a couple more before the end of the week and then start releasing videos from time to time as we continue our Camino training through the Spring. Here’s our first video.

Why do we feel the need to start a YouTube channel in the first place? We want an interactive visual way of sharing our travels with our families and friends as we travel across the country and around the globe! Our long term goal is to be full-time adventurer’s once we have retired from our teaching jobs and we know that YouTube is one method of eventually making some income.

One of the reasons we were hesitant to start the channel was the intimidation I mentioned above that we felt when watching so many other channels. Their production value is so slick and polished, we just are not sure we could compete. We’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it! Since we will be walking across Spain and Portugal over the summer, we will not be able to carry much gear in our packs. Because of this, our videos will be pretty low tech for the time being. Before I go any further, the links below will take you to Amazon through our affiliate page, meaning that we get a VERY small commission if you buy. Here is what we’ve decided to take along:

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has a great camera and the video quality is pretty good too, I might be upgrading my phone before we go, but that’s only if I can convince Michelle that we can work it into the budget, but she won’t be upgrading her phone. Not only will I be shooting on my iPhone, but also all of the editing will be happening here using iMovie.

Michelle and I both do video and photos for the blogs and now, videos.


Again, because we can’t carry items unless they fulfill several needs I really want a monopod that would double as my hiking pole. After testing out several monopods that felt either too flimsy or too heavy, I’ve finally settled on the Go2Gether trekking pole with integrated camera mount. The pole feels sturdy and the locks have kept it from collapsing with moderate pressure. It comes with snow and mud baskets and several different tips. The handle is a little small for my hands and I’m going to be adding some bike handlebar tape to give them some extra padding. I bought two because I want my poles to match.

Using the monopod and gimbal takes some practice.


The go-to company for smartphone gimbals seems to be DJI and after checking out several, I am really happy with my Osmo Mobile 2. I’ve come across a couple of problems so far. The Bluetooth connection between the gimbal and phone really eats up my phone battery. So far the solution has been to power off the gimbal whenever I’m not shooting video and that is helping. Problem number two is not being able to readily connect a mic at the same time as the gimbal because of the port placement on the phone. I’ve found an adapter but it is not a graceful solution that I am pleased with.

Wide Angle Lens

In order to get some special shots, I wanted to play with adding some lens onto the phone too. Some Genius at the Apple Store recommended the Olloclip Core Lens and Clip. The core pack comes with a super-wide angle and a dual fisheye/macro lens. Also, the clip that holds the lens can attach to your pack with a carabiner and converts into a mini phone stand. You can purchase additional lenses that just clip on including telephoto and ultra-wide.

Photo taken with the regular iPhone 7 camera, no zoom
Same photo with the Olloclip Super Wide Angle Lens
Using the Olloclip Fisheye lens yields some interesting results
Finally with the Marco lens, great detail becomes visible


I was concerned about wind noise, especially when hiking near roads or in windy situations and wanted to add a microphone. Rode makes good quality mics at an affordable price point so I picked up a Rode VideoMicro Mic that comes with a shock mount and windshield. I had to add a ring clamp to attach it to a hiking pole and an adapter to plug it into the phone (it has a 1/8 inch plug, not lightning). I’m still working battery issues and haven’t used both the gimbal and the mic at the same time yet.

So there it is, our setup to get started on YouTube. Of course, I know that there will be more gear to come (anyone want to buy me a DJI Spark Drone?) and that we will probably have to make some adjustments as we travel along the Camino. Check out our first two videos and give us some feedback! Also, make sure that you click on the subscribe button and click the bell to get notifications every time we post new content.


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