Halloween RV Style

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If you read Brian’s blog post on Monday, you learned he LOVES Halloween. I love to indulge his passion, I mean the benefit are numerous including watching the trick-or-treaters smile, watching him be creative, and eating good food!
Halloween + our RV takes the holiday to an entirely new level! A year ago when we purchased this rig we had no idea what Halloween meant in the world of the camping. Just check out this Pinterest page or you can search online for “RV Halloween,” you will be surprised by how much inspiration you will find. We have heard that Ft. Wilderness at Walt Disney World has a fantastic Halloween celebration, but hello it’s Disney, of course, it’s over the top! Do It Yourself RV has a top 10 list of best campgrounds for Halloween. Someday, I am sure we will get to all of them and more!
Ceasars Creek State Park is where we have spent our first 2 Halloween weekends. It is perfect because it’s only 40 minutes from our house. Though not well-advertised, there are things going on all weekend – scavenger hunt, Halloween movies, campsite decorating, costume contest, square dance, haunted trail, and a monster bash dance party! It is a full weekend of fun.

Here are just a few of the photos we took of our campsite and other campsites. Unfortunately, it was a rainy weekend so participation was not as abundant as last year. We weren’t even able to do all of the decorating we planned because the rain would not stop all day Friday or Saturday. 🙁
Brian and I won the best couple costume (for our age group). We went as Winifred Sanderson and her lover Billy Butcherson. Brian won for scariest (for his age group). The best part about his award is the young girl was too afraid of Brian to give him his award. Haha! Then there were these two little girls and were over the moon for Billy Butcherson, fortunately, we got a photo with them. They were so cute!
Unfortunately, for us in Ohio, winterizing the rig is the grand finale for many of us at the campground. All of that decorating on Saturday came down on Sunday morning, boxed away for another year. The “undecorating” took about two hours. Then we started the winterizing and deep cleaning the RV which took about the same amount of time. Haha! Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, home was only 40 minutes away because it was a long day!
If you go camping for Halloween, send us your photos. We would love to see how you decorate. You can comment to this post or use the hashtag #cruisinwiththecolemans on your Instagram post so we can see what you do!
Have a fantastic Halloween – try not to eat too much candy. Oh, what am I saying – have fun, eat candy!


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