Europe is Calling!

Jun 1, 2024 | All Blog Posts, Lifestyle | 0 comments



There’s nothing like your own chair

As I lounge in my comfy recliner thinking about the summer adventure we are embarking on today, I can’t believe this is my life. Maybe I am dreaming; if I am, I pray I don’t wake up. I always wanted to be a world traveler but didn’t think it was realistic. 26 years ago this August I was a young, single mom barely holding it together. I moved to Ohio with my 7-year-old son and our dog. I didn’t know anyone. I planned to be the best college professor I could be and when my son graduated from high school I would travel the world and teach abroad. 

I had lived in Ohio for 7 years when I met Brian on e-Harmony. Fortunately, he loved to travel and had taken a lot of choir trips with students to fulfill his wanderlust. I am thankful we have figured out how to continue our mutual love for travel and turned it into something meaningful for us both.

Every year I think, “We can’t top that trip!” yet somehow we do. This year it’s all about multiple destinations, flying around Europe exploring 3 countries. We will start in Paris, the city of love. I am sure I have over-romanticized it like every other American woman. I don’t care. We will see Paris as it prepares for the Olympics and then be back for a couple days during the Olympics. It’s going to be fantastic to watch the city show the world how good she can look.



The Camino del Norte route map

Next, we will spend about a month and a half walking the Camino del Norte. This will be an epic hike! We are walking along the northern coast of Spain but it won’t be an easy walk on the beach. Every day we will climb the Spanish rolling hills (some days it will feel like mountains). Daily epic views, yes, but a challenging walk.

After about 40-ish days of walking, we will travel to the Netherlands to explore this small country. The Netherlands is a special place because I am part Dutch; my maternal grandfather was born in the Netherlands. We are keeping the itinerary flexible so we can just relax and enjoy! As long as I see the Anne Frank house, the windmills, and the canals, I am happy! But did I mention they will also be having Carnival? Maybe it won’t be quiet but we’ll try to take it easy.

This epic adventure will wrap up back in Paris where the Olympics will be in full swing! It’s been 100 years since Paris hosted the Olympics. I can’t believe we will be there. I can’t believe this is my life. We are blessed and I don’t take that for granted. This trip may break the bank, so when we’re looking for second jobs you know why. Haha! Teachers for hire, anyone?

I plan to blog while we’re there. I want you to feel like you’re in Europe with us. It’s certainly easier to take you than it is my comfy recliner. I will sacrifice the chair to enjoy the rich history and romance of Europe. In the meantime, leave a comment below to tell me what you want to hear, see, etc. This is our trip. I am excited you’re going to take an adventure with us! 

Let’s get on that plane.