Camino del Norte |La Arena to Santoña | Days 8-9

Camino del Norte |La Arena to Santoña | Days 8-9

Jun 20, 2024 | All Blog Posts, Camino del Norte | 4 comments

The days have been gorgeous but the mountains all around us are daunting. Every day I have to mentally gear up for the hills.

The contrast of the mountains and the sea

A German pilgrim said it best, “I love to climb mountains. But when I go up, I want to go down. I don’t want to go up and down multiple times in a day.” The climbs are no joke. And I agree with her. I’m fine to climb one mountain (or huge hill), but we climb 2, 3, 4, and even more in a day, every day.

The beautiful flowers that surrounded the doorway to a home

The funny part is I knew this is what it was going to be like. I don’t know why I’m surprised. I just keep going back to the fact that we’re from the flat lands of Ohio. However, we’re not the only ones feeling this pain.

The views are amazing! I knew they would be great. My legs are sore but they will look fabulous by Santiago (as fabulous as they will ever look for a girl with cellulite issues). If we meet in person, please ask me to flex my calf muscles, it will make me smile.

Can you spot the Camino marker?

The villages are great. There is something very special about Spanish villages. I love days like yesterday and today where we wandered through several of them in a day.

The bigger cities that we stay in make it harder to meet pilgrims. We’ve only stayed in one albergue with a communal dinner. Part of that is us, we’ve been leaning more toward private rooms. But part of that is the Camino and the limitations of who will accept our reservation and luggage service.

A rocky path connecting two villages

We have not seen one pilgrim menu. A pilgrim menu is something we would have daily on the Camino Frances. Even finding stamps for our credential is difficult. This is quite surprising to us. We were in a church yesterday and they didn’t even have a stamp. That was shocking. It’s a different Camino but we knew it would be so it’s ok. But these are my observations for today.


  1. Donna Banks

    I think are going to be so happy and proud that you allowed yourselves to do this particular Camino. What a challenge 🫣
    Through hell or highwater ( as my mom used to said) you’ve got this. I want to see those leg muscles when you get back!!

    • Cruisin Michelle

      Thank you!! ❤️

  2. Sue

    Can’t wait to see your calves! Lol! What an amazing trip!

    • Cruisin Michelle

      Thank you!!


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