Our Unique Apex RV Tour – The Update!

Our Unique Apex RV Tour – The Update!

Jan 27, 2019 | All Blog Posts, RV'ing | 1 comment

The title of this blog has changed a few times, just like our adventures. We wrote this blog post originally after our big summer adventure and before we left for our Christmas trip. A lot has happened in that time. We came home ready to sell CC. That’s her name, Casa del Camino or CC for short. It means Roadhouse or Home of the Road and if you read any of our blogs you will see why she has been lovingly named CC.

Our Apex, Our 2nd home

Today I am updating this blog post and really changing half of its original intention. We want to give you a tour of CC and tell you that we’ve decided to keep her, unlike in the original post when we told you we were selling. We thought it was time to upgrade our 2018 Coachmen Apex 269RBKS. Apparently, a lot of RV’ers upgrade their rig after only a year and we wanted to be just like the crowd. Haha, not really but we felt like we needed more. We travel with a lot of toys – bikes, kayaks, backpacks, and all of their respective gear so we wanted to be able to carry more than we can comfortably carry currently with our Ford F150. Also, we really know our long term goal is to travel in a class A rig. But ultimately we don’t want to get into debt over any of these decisions. So, here we are, we have decided to wait. It’s a smart decision and our Apex is pretty awesome. It’s time for us to be more patient and appreciate what we have today.

With that, it’s time to give you a small tour! Our Apex well-made and we have had a blast personalizing the rig. Some of our favorite features in the Apex:

The HUGE pantry
The kitchen island
The counter space in the bathroom
The storage everywhere, inside and out
The color and style of the rig
The power jack and power awning
Our upgraded smart TV with an upgraded arm to tilt and angle
Additional stabilizer jacks we added
The numerous other upgrades we’ve done
See for yourself, the photos in the gallery below are captioned:

Now that we are keeping CC we want to improve her even more. We are having a friend make new curtains, see our Instagram page for the fabric sample. We are going to buy blackout blinds, upgrade the fans to the Fantastic Fan, add the Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitor system, and a few more small things before we head out West in the summer of 2020. We hope to get a generator but we will have to see if that is in the budget and if we are sticking with our F150 to pull our CC. Not to worry, we will blog about our upgrades as we go.

If you want to get the “grand” tour with a video of the rig you will have to stay tuned! We plan to create a new video tour when we kick off our YouTube channel in the coming months. There is a lot going on at Cruisin’ with the Colemans and we hope you have enjoyed adventuring with us thus far. We ask that you help us grow by sharing our blog posts, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Thank you for being a part of the journey so far! We have enjoyed bringing you along!

Until our next adventure…

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  1. Donna Banks

    That looks beautiful, roomy, and very comfortable.


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